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Calgary Performer's Academy


Our innovative acting programs are designed for a new generation of storytellers....With an unrivalled approach to hands-on, interactive learning, students find themselves completely immersed in their program from day one.

Classes are taught by an Industry professional, with state-of-the-art equipment.

Unlike many other acting schools, we have a comprehensive program that heavily incorporates ON~CAMERA learning in group and private ( In-person & Online)

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About Me

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Marlowe began acting professionally at the age of 8 in Vancouver B.C & Los Angeles.

Drawing on her experiences working with Disney, Universal Pictures, NBC, ABC, Fox & Nickelodeon etc... Marlowe

has developed programming designed and developed using a blend of Acting Methods (Stanislavsky: Strasberg, Adler & Meisner) 

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Why Acting?

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( ) phone or text ( 587-897-0243) for REGISTRATION Form & secure payment options.

As someone who Trains and Directs actors, the best actors who make a serious commitment to the craft are motivated by the following...

  1. They have a rich imagination that needs to be channeled through taking on different characters.

  2. They are gifted in emotional expression, languages, physicality, and psychological insight which makes them ideal for the profession.

  3. They are curious about many things and acting allows them to experience many lifetimes in one lifetime by taking on many different roles.

  4. They have a deep love of storytelling and the idea of Teleivsion/Film are their favorite mediums for that.

Acting is storytelling... It’s the opportunity to embody another person and tell that story from their perspective.

It’s also about permission; in an environment of mutual trust, a group of actors can say and do things they wouldn’t normally in their own lives, and that can be liberating, exhilarating and powerful. And not only for the actors, but for the audience.


Acting for Television & Film!

Adult Scene Study Classes (Wednesday 6-8pm) Britannia SW,Calgary

Ages 9-11 (Mon 4-6pm or Thurs 6-8pm) Coach Hill SW, Calgary

Ages 9-11 & 12-17 (Sun 4-6pm or Thurs 6-8pm) Coach Hill SW, Calgary

$200/month. (All Classes Run Year Long) 

Private Online & In Person Coaching/ Management available upon request.

Contact me via e-mail 

Call or Text 

587-897-0243 for REGISTRATION Form & secure payment options.

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Calgary Performers Academy

Once registration is submitted, you will receive an invoice with secure payment options.  

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